Cutting-Edge Procedures

About Our Laser Services

At Wingard MedSpa, our highly trained staff specializes in many sectors of cosmetic treatment, like laser-assisted liposuction, body sculpting, RF skin tightening, and more. Our personnel is excited to provide a wide assortment of effective treatments for individuals near Peachtree City, GA by utilizing our extensive register of high-class technology. Our most beloved services utilize state-of-the-art technology by Alma.


Laser Lipo and Fat Transfer

A precise laser dislodges extra fat tissue, which is harvested, purified, and transferred to an area of the body needing volume, restoring balance.

Body Sculpting

A precise laser removes pockets of excess fat from stubborn areas of your frame, allowing you to have the silhouette of your dreams.

Facial Fat Transfer

After extra adipose tissue is harvested from your frame, the live fat cells are purified and inserted in areas of your face in need of volume.

Fat Reduction

A precise laser is used to get rid of fat from your figure, including the stomach, thighs, arms, flanks, and any area you find stubborn fat pockets.

Opus Plasma®

RF Skin Resurfacing

RF and fractional plasma technology combine to eliminate damaged skin cells while stimulating the production of collagen for beautiful results.

RF Skin Tightening

Powerful RF energy heats the deep tissue while fractional plasma technology stimulates a natural wound-healing response for taut, healthy skin.

Acne Scar Treatment

Fractional plasma energy and RF technology destroy damaged tissue while new collagen fills in the blemish, minimizing the appearance of acne scars.
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